Auto Concierge was founded in 1994.  The skills that set the foundation were established while working as a Chauffeur for the Developer of Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, California, in the late eighties.  The Blackhawk Collection is a well known classic car collection with a full time staff to maintain the vehicles.  Tasked with the auto detailing duties of the Rolls Royce Mulliner factory limousine with no idea on how to maintain this “black” vehicle, I was shown the basics on washing and waxing and found, due to my attention to small details, I was shown more than the basics and moved on to the very hard-to-master skill of machine rotary compound paint correction.

After burning thru my wife’s car paint I quickly learned the skills to NOT do this again!!  Over the years, automotive finishes have moved to high solid water based paint finishes and the recent development of nano particle ceramic based finishes used by some European companies such as Mercedes-Benz. Ferrari utilizes a PPG ceramic-based paint.   What this means to Auto Concierge clientele is that I continue to stay on top of the chemicals and polishes that produce a quality finish every time.  Auto detailing within the automotive community is viewed as a low skill position with quality very hard to find.  Detailing is very labor intensive, but a “labor of love” for me, as it allows me to work on the vehicles I love, especially Ferrari.

Over the years, Auto Concierge has detailed hundreds of vehicles from Bentleys to Lamborghinis.  My methodology is a comprehensive conditioning of all exterior and interior surfaces with a myriad of techniques and equipment such as a water softener, and costly auto detailing products from various sources.

 Paint correction is what Auto Concierge is known for as this is the area where dealerships and car washes do not have the skills or patience (paint correction can take multiple days to accomplish) to achieve a crystal clear finish in all ambient light conditions.  Also, scratch removal is even more difficult with modern clear coat finishes being thinner than ever.